Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

We all have big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs), you know the goals we almost don't dare to think about because they seem so incredibly unattainable it's ridiculous to give them any thought whatsoever...well not anymore! Our family has huge goals - paying off our house in 10 years, living sustainably, discovering new hobbies and mastering new skills kind of BHAGs. We thought we would document what we learn in the process to share any information that may align with your own BHAGs and bring you one step closer to obtaining that goal. Hopefully in the process we can give back to the online world of information and help out our fellow googling neighbour! Hopefully something on this site resonates with you and let's you dream bigger dreams. 

Papa Sasquatch: Dad, Online Business Owner, Ironman, and Sports Enthusiast. Passionate about staying up to date with current online trends, sustainability and learning new things. BHAG: To run a net zero business.

Mama Sasquatch: Mom, Business Owner, Aspiring Baker and Minimalist. Passionate about purging the unnecessary, education and helping others. BHAG: To be the ultimate minimalist, living in Central America for 3 months out of the year with my family, speaking fluent Spanish, with children who understand and appreciate a sustainable minimalist lifestyle. 

Sasquatch Cubs: Baby girl and boy cubs along for the ride while Papa & Mama Sasquatch figure out parenting!