1 more day till 2017!

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone! 

If you have been following us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram you have seen that we have been doing a countdown to the new year of small change ideas to reduce your impact on this beautiful world that you can commit to this 2017.

Not everyone is going to live a zero waste life, or even aspire to, just like not everyone is going to eat all organic food, but everyone knows about those organic "dirty dozen" and it goes a long way just to choose to eat those foods organic. Below is a round up of all our small change ideas we have been posting about this December. Pick one, pick two, heck pick all 31 but see how just a a few little bits of change here and there can snowball into making a huge difference this 2017. 

#31 - No more plastic bags! 

#30 - Stop using plastic produce bags when shopping.

#29 - Start using cloth napkins. 

#28 - Try buying a shampoo bar the next time you run out! 

#27 - Try a brush & soap to get that silky lather instead of using an aerosol can.

#26 - Ready to take the plunge and give up Saran Wrap!

#25 - Coffee Lover?! Find a bulk coffee bean option in your city!

#24 - Commit to always using your reusable coffee cup when out and about. No cup? No coffee!

#23 - Looking for a new item? Try sourcing it out used or borrowing from a friend!

#22 - Looking to be more bold? Bring your own containers for take out. Many restaurants have no problems putting your food in your own to-go!

#21 - Create an in car zero waste package! Include a spork, plate, to-go cup or water bottle, cloth napkin, reusable bags. 

#20 - Looking for zero waste gifts for 2017? Become the giver of new experiences!

#19 - Try out only wearing a style capsule for 1 year. 

#18 - Try and make your own deodorant...I know crazy!

#17 - Expecting a new baby? Cloth diapers are so easy to use & clean.

#16 - Commit to one item on your grocery list a week you will make from scratch to reduce packaging waste. 

#15 - Switch up your meal plan and commit to Meatless Monday this 2017. 

#14 - Commit to homemade cleaning products. Baking soda & vinegar go a long way. 

#13 - Commit 2017 to the year of knowledge and read more about the zero waste initiative.

#12 - Commit to learning what your city actually recycles.

#11 - Commit this 2017 to thoughtful & sustainable clothing choices. Say no to throw away fashion trends

#10 - This 2017 host a clothing swap for your friends! Practice paring down while shopping sustainably for free!! One man's junk is another man's treasure. 

#9 - Buy festive material on sale to wrap Christmas gifts in!

#8 - This 2017 practice REFUSE the most important R to remember. REFUSE the mini hotel shampoo, REFUSE the unnecessary pamphlet. 

#7 - This 2017 see how green your thumb is and try growing a few edible items! 

#6 - Commit to ditching bottled water. Tap is best! 

#5 - Ladies, consider going zero waste with a reusable menstrual cup & cloth pads during your period. 

#4 - Challenge yourself this 2017 to repair anything that breaks before throwing it away. Usually it's cheaper to replace but sometimes we need to invest in change. Be the change.

#3 - This 2017 reflect on what you can spend your money on instead of things - try a new class, experience your city's art scene. 

#2 - Commit 2017 to the year of rediscovering how beautiful this world is and why we need to protect it for our generation and the generations to follow.

#1 - You're Here visiting our blog! Commit to a small change and watch it grow to huge changes this 2017! 


Mama Sas 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Homemade Deodorant

Homemade Deodorant