Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap

I have tried my hardest to do some zero waste DIY creations from deodorant to laundry soap but I haven’t been able to commit to them. Each creation just seems a bit off and not quite right. I usually end up feeling frustrated with my results. I officially ran out of liquid hand soap, the container that kept on giving finally had it’s last drop. I had seen some DIY liquid hand soap recipes floating around Pinterest and thought I would give it a go. I am so pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results. The soap texture feels exactly like the liquid hand soap you would buy at the store and I made it with absolutely no waste! It wasn’t time consuming and only 2-3 ingredients! 

Liquid Hand Soap Recipe


1 bar of soap (Community Natural Foods store in Calgary has loads of package free delicious smelling bar soap! From scent free to chocolate mint - highly suggest checking it out!)

6 cups of water

Essential oils (optional)

1 pot

1 2L old liquid hand soap container

1 cheese grater

1 hand mixer


Boil 6 cups of water. While water is preparing to boil grate 1 bar of soap and add to pot. Shake in whatever essential oils and whisk until all grated soap has melted into the boiling water. Turn off heat and let soap mixture sit for 12-24 hours. Use a hand mixer to break up thicken clumps and funnel into 2L container. Voila!

Happy Soap Making! 

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