A Life Vacation

Happy 2017 Everyone! 

What a wonderful life vacation I've had. I dedicated all of January to doing absolutely nothing. It was amazing. The year of 2016 was all about physical stuff purging, not buying anything new, etc and 2017 will add on another level of purging...social purging. I found myself committed to many 1/week, 1/month commitments where it felt like I was running off to doing something daily. This takes a toll on family life, your to-do lists - which as it grows bigger I find my stress levels higher, less time carved out for events you actually want to do, etc. For the month of January, It was amazing to put the kids to bed and have absolutely nothing to do! I ate tons of popcorn and watched Parks & Rec and Arrested Development (Woah, throwback shows, can you tell I've had children and never watch TV??). Although January was amazing, my life vacation has come to an end and I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the rest of 2017 has. 

For the month of January I have been humming an hawing about my new years resolutions & intentions. I know, usually they are completed before the 1st so that you can focus on them for the whole year but I chose to just meditate on what I really wanted to accomplish this year and take the whole first month of the year to figure it out. When I initially started this blog it was to encompass a few things that I love in life - zero waste challenges, cooking & baking, saving money and discovering more of Calgary with my children, etc. I found that last year zero waste was our main focus which I still want to continue but we have really plunged into a meatless diet sometimes even plant based and I would love to share more recipes, build a community around that as well as really see what our city has to offer. With that being said I have listed a few of our new years resolutions below. 

Cooking & Baking NY Goals:

- trying 2 new vegan dinner recipes a month

- trying 2 new vegan dessert recipes a month

Zero Waste NY Goals:

- continue to implement what we learned in 2016 around purchasing used.

- absolutely no single use plastic i.e.: bags, straws, etc

- minimize recycling 

Discovering Calgary NY Goals

- Vist at least 10 new city parks & playgrounds

- try 1 new yyc festival

- explore 3 new neighbourhoods and try a new restaurant, local store, get a coffee or do something fun.

Saving Money - OUR BHAG! (see about section...) 

- Save $25,000 this year

Lots of stuff to aim & strive for! I really enjoyed a huge challenge last year and I thought that the last BHAG goal of $25,000 savings is huge, especially with 2 trips planned this year, but you know what you just try, you try and shift your decision making to incorporate those goals and do the best you can. I look forward to learning more about Calgary, cooking, different zero waste efforts and meeting people around these like minded things. 

Happy 2017 Ya'll it's going to be a great year! 


Monthly Vegan Dessert Recipes

Monthly Vegan Dessert Recipes

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!