My first post!

My first post! I hope that in 5 years I can look back and reminisce on this day like "wow! I can't believe that was 5 years ago and look at me - I'm still blogging about all these great things we are learning and doing"... instead of "oh dear, what happened to that old blog of mine...". So here goes nothing - my first post. 

Life is wild. Wonderfully wild. We started out just the two of us, really doing anything we wanted, which now as we look back pre kids was a whole lot of time wasted thinking we were so busy... when really we had crazy amounts of time to do anything. I can't believe how we used to spend our "busy" days and now even though I am 2 steps away from a store I need to buy something from, I know I need to just let it go, and go home because my children are going to have a full on melt down...continuing the cycle of barely getting anything done. Children make things complicated, but again, in a wonderfully complicated way. We have two young kids under three and in those three short years they have taught us more about ourselves as individuals, as a couple and how we engage with the rest of this world than ever before. We see everything through beautiful, inspiring glasses on a daily basis from the hours of 5am-7pm and then at 7pm we become zombies that zone out and watch Netflix all night. As we get the hang of parenting and a few more minutes of shut eye each night we slowly dedicate more time to reading, focusing on hobbies, researching fun things to do in the city, discussing goals, and making more of an effort to utilize those few hours to focus ourselves and continue to learn as individuals. 

So what are we learning in those few hours each night? We are learning to throw our whole world upside down and truly re-evaluate how we want to live and contribute to this great world we live in. We have decided to tackle some huge goals for our family, some BHAG's if you will (check out our About section), and really stretch ourselves to keep learning and growing as individuals, a couple and as a family. 

  • We have started focusing on money, how we spend it, how we want to spend it, and how we want to save it. It's amazing how much money goes in and out each day with sometimes no awareness at all. Creating awareness around money eases tension, reduces fear of the future, and provides a clearer picture on how you want to spend that money moving forward.
  • We live in a world of things... so. many. things. We have started to pare down and really think about what we need in our home to keep it running efficiently without extra stuff. Saying no to new stuff, passing items on to those in need and truly loving what we do have. Love me a good purge...
  • Starting to contemplate more meatless meals and how that will effect our cooking, family and meal planning.
  • We have started to toy with the idea of adapting a zero waste home and how we can help contribute to less consumption, and the huge amount of waste that is being created daily. 
  • We have opened our hearts to practicing gratitude on a daily basis, creating it to be a discipline verses a reaction to a positive experience. 

Lots of things we have been thinking and talking about in only a few short hours a day. Our goal is that maybe by paring down and having a simpler view on life and what we need in it can create more time to do the things we love. As we have time to post about what we are learning hopefully you too can start to mull these ideas over and how they may influence your life in a positive way. 

- Mama Sasquatch

Love me a good purge...

Love me a good purge...