Road Block - Being Frugal & Less Packaging

Road Block - Being Frugal & Less Packaging

I've had a few tricky shops lately and have come across a coffee and cheese conundrum. When doing a weekly shop at Superstore both items come packaged and both item's packaging is not recyclable in Calgary. Sigh. The two best things to enjoy create so much waste! With a bit of research I found a few options that might work for both around the city but they are a bit pricey:

I called Janice Beatons cheese shop and they said I am more than welcome to bring in my own container to purchase cheese. I was so excited! However, when I inquired about a mild marble cheese it's about $5.25/100grams. Oooooo nelly! That is a bit pricey when you have Sasquatch Cubs like mine who eat thousands of grams of cheese a week! That being said I want to try it. Maybe this price point will create more intentional eating - enjoying, and savouring each bite. If I commit to $20-$30 worth of cheese a month maybe it will last, maybe it won't, but I'm willing to try and see if this is a sustainable change for my family.

This is an item that we go through very quickly in our house due to having two kids under three. It's our lifeline and we need to find a solution! Here are the following things I have checked out here in Calgary. 

Grocery store coffee isle: I have been unable to find recyclable packing in the stores for brands such as ethical bean, or kicking horse. 

Safeway bulk coffee: After all the years of being too good for this coffee it sure showed me...Safeway has pulled this option out of their stores. 

Fratello Rostery: I emailed them and unfortunately they do not provide an option to purchase bulk beans. 

Second cup: my local second cup coffee shop seemed keen to help but their beans come in 2 pound bags from their supplier that are split into 1 pound beans and repackaged. Too much packaging. 

Cafe Rosso: Cafe Rosso has a glass jar program that will fill it with beans for $18 and anytime you bring it back you get a $2 discount. Amazing! This is exactly what I have been looking for ...Sadly it is $18 for 300 grams of coffee. That is way too pricey for me no matter how much I savour that coffee! 

Phil & Sebastian: After explaining my quest to the lovely receptionist at P&S head office she said that she couldn't see it being a problem it just comes down to safe food handling so she said she would look into and let me know. I plan to follow up with her next week to see if this could be a potential option. 

Superstore is my weekly jam so I wrote to the president, Mr. Weston Jr, and inquire about putting coffee in bulk. That would be one less store that I need to get to each week! I'll keep you posted if I hear back and if I find a solution to this coffee cheese conundrum. 

After all this research it comes down to an apology...

Dear Safeway bulk coffee, I'm sorry I judged you for all these years, never truly understanding what a convenient, cheap and most importantly sustainable option that you were. Please come back. I'll never take you for granted again. 

Mama Sas

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