The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

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I know, on Pinterest every recipe states - THIS IS THE BEST CAKE EVER... but seriously...this cake... is the best cake recipe ever. When I got married my mother in law hosted a bridal shower where guests were encouraged to bring a recipe to include in a homemade recipe book. I use many of them monthly and some I haven't even tried (hmmm... I should really do a purge on my recipe book... haha do I have a purging problem?). This chocolate cake is my go to for a couple reasons:

1. It only dirties a few dishes - bonus!

2. It has all basic ingredients that even a beginner baker would have on hand.

3. It tastes even better the next day. 

It was Papa Sas' birthday this week so we decided to host a family birthday dinner. Hosting at our house makes it much more relaxing for us so we don't have to rush home for bed times. We can simply put our kids down when we need to and visit longer. We appreciate our flexible extended family! We served pizza (our go to - more recipes to come on that later) and this chocolate cake. It's a crowd pleaser and I hope you make it because man it is delicious, easy & fast... just as delicious, easy & fast as a box cake from the baking isle or bakery.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake aka The Best Chocolate Cake EVER! 

1.5 cups White Sugar

1/2 cup of cocoa

1 3/4 cups of white sifted flour 

1.5 tsp. baking soda

2 eggs 

1 tsp. salt 

1/2 cup of vegetable oil

1.5 cups of sour milk (add 1 tsp of white vinegar to milk)

1 tsp. vanilla

Combine all ingredients in order into 1 bowl. Mix it all up and bake in a 9X13 inch pan for 30-35 mins @ 350 degrees F or in 2 circle pans for 20 mins.

Baking Tid Bits:

  • I used to always ignore sifting flour but when I did do it I could tell a huge difference. I also can tell a difference if you scoop your flour into your measuring cup with another cup rather than just digging into the flour. It creates a fluffier lighter cake! numma numma!
  • The recipe calls for 2 eggs... I've gotten away using just one! 
  • Did you know that salt is used to wake up flavours creating sweeter tastes giving it that kick that wants everyone wanting more.


Next time I make the icing i'll actually take note on measurements and post it. It usually consists of me adding a bit of this, and a bit too much of that which makes me add more of this etc... so I'll go slow and see how I make it! 

Mama Sasquatch

ps: this photo is not the actual cake... next time i'll take a pic and update and erase this ps! :)

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